How to Measure Snowfall Accurately and Easily?

Have you ever wondered how to measure snowfall accurately? If so, then you’re in luck, because today, we’re going to show you how to accurately measure snowfall with a simple method that will allow you to determine the amount of snowfall in any area.

A snow gauge is a simple tool that can help you measure how much snow falls at your location, but there are other ways of measuring the amount of snow on the ground that is also more accurate than using a standard snow gauge. Measuring the amount of snow on the ground requires accurate measurements, so it is important to know how to measure the amount of snow accurately. Snowfall is usually measured as the height of snow that falls on the ground.

The easiest method for the measurement of snow is to use a snow gauge according to WMO standards. You can also measure snowfall with a plane surface or a snowboard and a ruler. If you have a snowboard that is perfect, if you do not have then there is no need to worry. Just choose a place where there is direct snowfall. Make that area of almost one square feet or near to it and a bit higher up to 5-8 inches in height than its surroundings so that it is easy to take measurements from there. You need a scale to measure snow from there. To measure snowfall accurately follow the following steps:

1. Clean the surface or snowboard at the start of snowfall.

2. Measure snowfall after regular intervals with help of a scale.WMO standard is after three hours interval snowfall measurement is noted down.You can measure in cm or inches.WMO standard in weather SYNOP is in cm.

3. After noting down clean the surface so that accurate measurements can be taken during the next hours.

Repeat the procedure and add up all the values of snowfall to get an accumulated snowfall. In weather SYNOP 24 hours snowfall is reported at 0300 UTC in group 4ESSS of section 3. Weather synop is transmitted all over the world through the internet.

Can We Use Rain Gauge to Measure Snowfall:

A rain gauge can give information about water or rainfall equivalent of snowfall. Rain gauges can not give the height of snowfall. Snow falling into the snow gauge is melted down and then the water is measured using a rainfall measuring cylinder. All over the world weather observatories have their weather observing and recoding mechanisms that obey WMO regulations. It becomes easier to transmit and get weather data due to uniform WMO standards all across the world.


In conclusion, there are several different ways to measure snowfall. The most accurate way is by taking measurements directly from the ground. However, this requires a lot of work and it requires human effort. Another option is to use an automatic weather station. These devices will measure the snowfall for a specified area and provide you with accurate information.

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