How To Read A Mercury Barometer and Digital Barometer?

A barometer is an instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure. It is a device that was used by sailors in ancient times. It measures air pressure using a weighted glass tube filled with mercury. A simple and accurate barometer can be a very helpful tool for predicting the weather. For example, a person can use a barometer to predict rain or snow. If you want to learn how to read a barometer, you’ve come to the right place. The following guide will teach you how to read a mercury barometer. The mercury barometer is one of the most popular and oldest types of barometers available. This particular type of barometer is used to measure air pressure because it contains mercury. The amount of mercury used and the reliability of the instrument determine the accuracy of the instrument. Most mercury barometers show readings in mmHg.

Follow the following steps to find atmospheric pressure using a mercury barometer:

1. Move the knob so that mercury and the surface connected with the knob slightly touch each other at the Centre.

2. Note the reading on the main Scale. let’s say it is 784.

3. Not the value on the moving scale. Let’s say it is 6.

4. Our value of pressure will be the main scale reading plus the moving scale reading after a decimal. i.e 784.6 from the above example.

In some weather stations due to height levels, there is a need to subtract/add a value corresponding to the pressure and temperature. The thermometer is attached to mercury barometers for applying correction factors which are available in table form at that weather station.

Digital Barometer:  A digital barometer is an instrument for measuring air pressure. It consists of a pressure sensor and the value of the pressure is displayed on the screen.

Many different types of digital barometers are available in the market. Some are accurate, some are affordable and others are economical. There are also Digital barometers that offer features like a backlit display, alarm, and other functions. The Digital barometer has become an essential part of modern weather stations. It can be used to measure air pressure inside the station, outside the station, and even in the airplane. The digital barometer is a very useful device that can be used to determine weather conditions and monitor the environment.

Digital barometer has many advantages. It is easy to install, easy to operate and is also a reliable device. A Digital barometer can be used to measure atmospheric pressure at various places.

A digital barometer can also be used to monitor the environment. Digital barometer is available in many models and makes. The analog barometer is cheaper than the digital barometer. The digital barometer is more expensive than the analog barometer.  The digital barometer is a high-quality device. It is durable and long-lasting. The digital barometer is easy to use. Multifunction digital barometers have also a built-in digital hygrometer inside them. It is used to measure the humidity.


In conclusion, the most important thing to know about barometers is that they are not a hundred percent reliable indicators of weather. They are simply indicators of atmospheric pressure. They can indicate the pressure trends which are used in weather forecasting. Atmospheric pressure has a significant role in aviation therefore accurate readings of barometer for the calculation of QNH are very important for smooth flight operation at airports.

Holds BS Degree in Electrical Engineering and MS Degree in Meteorology and currently working in the field of meteorology as an assistant weather forecaster. Love helping people know what the weather is doing. Researcher of the weather conditions and make forecasts for several different locations.

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