What Are Different Scales of Temperature and What is the Relation Between Them?

The word “temperature” means the amount of heat energy present in a given body. . There are a number of different scales of temperature that are used by scientists and engineers. The most common are the Celsius, Fahrenheit, and the Kelvin scale.  The Celsius scale uses a reference point of 0 degrees Celsius, which is known as the freezing point of water. The Kelvin scale uses a reference point of absolute zero, which is the lowest possible temperature. The Kelvin scale is often used in science and engineering because it is more convenient than the Celsius or Fahrenheit scale. The Kelvin scale is also used to measure the temperature of gases, and other substances. 

What is Temperature?

Temperature is the amount of energy in a system. It is a measure of the average energy of particles in a body. It is one of the most fundamental physical quantities and plays an important role in many branches of science. The SI unit of temperature is the kelvin (K). Temperature is measured by a thermometer. A thermometer has two parts: a probe (a small tubular glass ) that is inserted into the substance, and a bulb that contains mercury or other substance that expands with increasing temperature.

What are the different scales of temperature?

Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin are different scales of temperature. The first two are named after the people who invented them, and the third is named after Lord Kelvin, who developed the idea of absolute zero (which doesn’t actually exist). Celsius and Fahrenheit are fairly close to each other, but they don’t have the same scale. Fahrenheit uses a scale where 32 degrees is equal to 0 degrees Celsius. So if you take 100 Fahrenheit, it’s about 37.78 degrees Celsius. 

Kelvin to Celsius conversion formula: C = K – 273.15

Celcius to Kelvin conversion formula: Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15

Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion formula: °F = (°C × 9/5) + 32.

Fahrenheit to centgrate conversion formula: C = 5/9(F-32) 

Kelvin to Fahrenheit is Fahrenheit conversion formula: F = 1.8*(K-273) + 32

Fahrenheit to Kelvin conversion formula:K = 5/9 F + 459.67

Comparison of Values of Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Celsius:


What is the best way to measure the temperature?

The thermometer is one of the most important devices used for measuring temperature. It is an instrument that is used for measuring the temperature of a liquid or a gas. The thermometer is a device that measures the temperature by using the principle of heat conduction. The thermometer has three parts: the bulb, the stem, and the glass. The bulb is the part that contains the liquid or gas that needs to be measured. The stem is the part of the thermometer that is attached to the bulb. The glass is the part of the thermometer that is used to protect the bulb and the stem from external factors.

What is the relation between temperature and Heat?

Temperature is one of the most important parameters which can be measured by using a thermometer. It is a quantity that is directly proportional to the heat. For example, if you have a thermometer with a scale of 0-100 degrees, then the temperature of a cup of tea will range from 0-100 degrees. This means that you can measure the heat of a cup of tea by measuring the temperature of the cup of tea.

Importance of Temperature in Our Daily Life:

Temperature plays an important role in our daily life. We use temperature as an indicator of whether or not something is healthy. For example, you can use the temperature of a food to determine whether it has been stored correctly or not. If the temperature of the food falls below room temperature, it is likely that the food was refrigerated incorrectly or that the food was not stored properly. Similarly, you can use the temperature of your child’s mouth as an indicator of when they need to go back to sleep. If the temperature of your child’s mouth rises above 99 degrees Fahrenheit, then they may have a fever. In this way, the temperature is an indicator of health in all aspects of life.

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