What is The Hottest Temperature Time of the Day?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a person’s location, climate, and personal preferences. However, many people say that the hottest time of the day is typically in the afternoon or early evening. The weather has a huge impact on our lives, but we often don’t realize how much. There occurs the hottest temperature time in the evening around 0900 UTC to 1200 UTC. The lowest temperature occurs around 2300Z to 0200Z depending upon the weather conditions. In this post, we will look discuss maximum and minim temperature occurrence timings.

Maximum and minimum temperatures have a wide impact on everyone. Many events are dependent upon such temperature conditions. The meteorological department of every region is very much concerned about temperature variations and timely records temperature at weather stations. Being a meteorological expert I will share here my practical experience with temperature variations at different times of the day.

Hottest Temperature of the Day Falls on:

The hottest temperature time of the day is typically in the afternoon. This is when people tend to be at home, doing their work, or taking a break from their work. This is also the time when the temperature is highest. The sun is the main source of heat. This is why the hottest temperature time of the day is usually in the afternoon.

Hottest or the maximum temperature is the temperature that is recorded and reported during the last 24 hours of a day by the meteorological department. Meteorological weather observers are deputed at every man-operated weather station to record and report different weather parameters. Every meteorological observatory has been given a unique weather station code by WMO. Weather SYNOP is issued in each synoptic hour. The maximum temperature is recorded and issued at 1200 UTC  and the minimum temperature is recorded and issued at 0300 UTC.

The maximum temperature usually occurs in between 0900 UTC and 1200 UTC as sunshine heats up the earth to its maximum extent during this time. After 1200 UTC temperature starts to fall. In very rare cases temperature also rises between 1200 UTC and 1500 UTC.In that case weather observer reporters maximum temperature again in weather SYNOP of 1500 UTC.

Why Afternoon has the highest temperature?

The afternoon has the highest temperature because due to the position of the sun. In the morning, the sun starts to rise higher till the afternoon. It is usually observed that the sun shines for a long time during summer and for a shorter time in winter. In winter temperature remains lower due to several meteorological factors and the position of the sun.

Why Nights are not much cooler in Cloudy weather?

A cloudy night is not as cool as a clear night. The reason is that cloud covers up the sky and thus reduces the amount of heat radiated back from the earth. In colder regions where the temperature falls up to -15 C  in a clear sky and can be -2 C in overcast sky conditions during the night. I have observed this during winter. In my region in winter, the temperature falls up to minus 20 degrees Celcius in winter on clear-sky nights. In overcast conditions, the minimum temperature not falls below minus 3 to minus 5 degrees Celcius. This anomaly of temperatures is often observed by me.


In conclusion, in order to find out the hottest time of the day, you need to measure the temperature every hour of the day or you can use a maximum temperature thermometer. The data from the weather stations need to be collected and analyzed. You can do this by using a smartphone app but these are not 100 percent accurate data. The temperature data shown by different weather models have their shortcomings which are beyond the topic of this article. We will discuss why the weather models’ temperatures are not very accurate to thermometer temperatures in another article.

Holds BS Degree in Electrical Engineering and MS Degree in Meteorology and currently working in the field of meteorology as an assistant weather forecaster. Love helping people know what the weather is doing. Researcher of the weather conditions and make forecasts for several different locations.

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